Creating a bootable Windows 7 x64 USB stick

The following is a technology template on how to create a Windows 7 usb key, ON A Windows 7 machine.
You need your running windows machine, internet connection and the ISO image of your desired system (Windows 7 in our case);


1. Download the zip file at link and unzip it.

2.Run the .exe file inside the unzipped folder.

3.Select a device: (make sure you choose the correct drive letter, in my case J).

4.Go on to SETUP to USB on the left side; check the “i want to use FAT32” and select “work with ISO file”;

5.Click “Select ISO” , navigate to it and select the .iso image with Windows 7; then click “Make USB Portable”.

6.Agree with deleting the data on the stick; now wait (took 4 minutes for me)

7.Safely remove your USB Key and it’s ready to use!

The information above is inspired from here . There is also a command prompt way of doing it, but for the ones who don’t want to get tangled up in typing commands, I recommend the solution above.

Have fun with your new Windows Stick!

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